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(Please note, we no longer accept submissions through email.)


Buck Off Magazine welcomes all and any creative works, whether through poetry, prose, short films, art, photography and everything else under the sun. The limits are your imagination! If you are unsure your work will fit, please send us a quick email ask. We respond pretty quickly. We suggest checking out our past volumes as well. Also, all work is subjected to light editing by the staff or we may request revisions on the current work if it has potential.

Reading periods: All year

Editions: Two a Year

Response time: Within 2 weeks (except right before a volume launch)

Reading fees:We do NOT charge reading fees (we are not crazy people)

Simultaneous submissions: Yes, just let us know please!

Submitting more than one submission to us at a time: We will consider the first work that shows in our queue and the remainder will be archived without any consideration. Please do not submit multiple submissions.

Rights: We own the work until the next edition (6 months). After this period, you are free to submit your piece elsewhere.

Note: By submitting to Buck Off Magazine, you are confirming you read our guidelines and are submitting with unpublished and original work. Any plagiarism is immediately rejected and asked to refrain from submitting to the magazine again.


Buck Off’s Nitty Gritty:

  • WE DO NOT OPEN LINKS. When submitting to Buck Off, please know that we will discard submissions that includes links to your work. The first reason is we do not publish already showcased work (see the exception below) and if you are submitting work, you need to attach up to 10 images (or up to 5 written works) in a document or as an attachment. You are submitting to us, not the other way around. Please respect this or your submission will be discarded. Harsh talk over.
  • We do not accept already published work with the exception of art/photography on personal online portfolios that can be taken down during a showcase. We do not accept work on personal blogs or published with other magazines.
  • As previously mentioned, we accept simultaneous submissions within reason. Serial submitters who fail to notify the magazine they have been accepted elsewhere and continuously submit will only be contacted unless interested.
  • Please submit all work in attachments using Microsoft Word or PDF. Taking work and pasting it in an email will be discarded.  For a cover letter please state the following:
    • NAME (and Author name for publication if different)


Submit all work to

Currently, we are unable to provide financial contributions at this time.

12 thoughts on “Submissions

  1. I do carved art on bristal board with a zackto knife I have bin doing this for years as a hobby just wondering would this be a place to start I have about 80 that are poster size

    • Hi Kevin,
      That sounds interesting. If you want to submit a piece (or up to 7 pieces) for consideration, the best thing you can do is take good photos of the artwork, save the photos to your computer and then submit them in Submittable. We’ve published photos of multi-media artwork in previous additions, so don’t be nervous!
      We hope to see samples of your work soon.

  2. Hello. I noticed you want submissions in pdf or word. I would like to submit photos of my art and they are in jpeg. Is jpeg acceptable for acrylic painting submissions?

  3. Hey guys,

    I do fashion design and I was wondering can I paste the ten pics on a blank word doc sheet, save them to my computer and then attach in an email. Also do I have to write my cover letter in the message feild of the email(gmail) and then attach the word doc or pdf using the paperclip button in email?

  4. Hi, I noticed your tweet about wanting Sci-fi stuff for the next issue; is that an overall theme or just a genre you’re interested in reading? My completed work isn’t Sci-fi but I have ideas. Thanks!

    • Chris,
      Per our submission guidelines, we ask that you not submit work that is published or soon to be published. If this is the case, for art we ask that you limit your submission to 7 pieces. As much as we enjoy art, and although we are an online publication, our magazine has a limited space available. Please let us know if you have any further questions!

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