S. McClory, Editor-in-Chief


S. McClory is from the North Shore area who enjoys writing and complaining about the heat in summer and cold in winter. When you think about it, the perfect jacket weather is Fall and Spring. The way the warm wind blows through the strands of your hair in May or refreshing chill of September. She is also a writer, general B.A. and is a horror film fanatic.






Sandy's Headshot

Sandy Sprague, Editor

Sandy Sprague has been working at her local library for more than a decade (no, she is not a librarian). Though she has free access to almost any printed or online book, that doesn’t stop her from adding to her book-hoard at home. She volunteers at the Massachusetts Poetry Festival in Salem, MA every spring. Her hobbies include writing, crafting, and lately collecting handmade dragon figures from Etsy artists.




Joe_s Headshot

Joseph Benavidez, Editor

Joseph Benavidez is a proud cat daddy who enjoys taking photos, sleeping until noon, reading flash fiction, and hugging Tyler Hoechlin. In early 2018, he published his first book of poetry, Case W-467, which can be found at He hopes to meet Chris Evans before turning 30.




2 thoughts on “Masthead

  1. Just wanted to let you guys know we’re super stoked to see what you’ll be publishing, and support your new venture. Looking forward to reading the first issue – if we can help spread the word or share news, do let us know. Thanks and good luck!

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